Why Sell Products On Facebook or Website in India

It is without any doubt that e-commerce has changed the way sellers and buyers behave. For once, manufactures and consumers have an idea of interacting directly, making it easy for goods to move because prices are flexible. With intermediaries, however, sales can be low due to rigidity and high priced because they usually depend on commission. In India, thousands of online sellers are making a living from sitting behind their computers. All they do is sell products on Facebook or their e-commerce sites, and these are some of the benefits they enjoy;

Work at your own time

If there is something that can make you hate employment is having to be at the office every workday on time even if you don’t have any task in the office. This can get worse if you have a mean boss who has does not like latecomers. When selling online, however, all you need is access to the internet, a computer or smartphone and you are good to go. Whether you wish to work the whole day or just a few hours a day, you have the freedom to choose how best you want to work. That is because people can already see your products through your website or social media pages.

It is faster

It is easier to find buyers online than locally around. That is why some people have managed to reap millions in profit without even signing up for a business page. If you have the right product or business ideas that promise high demand, then you will never go for long without clearing your stock if you sell online.

Better record keeping

The most crucial part of running any business is proper data management. This is, in most cases, impossible in brick and mortar stores because of things like shoplifting. Without knowing the real margins in your company, you can easily make the wrong future predictions. With e-commerce, however, things are quite different. You should know that every transaction processed through an e-commerce site is automatically stored, including the buyers’ details. For people who have integrated their enterprises, an increase in profit is usually the first thing they notice. That is because the system does not allow for errors or inventory manipulation.

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E-commerce is cheaper

Since most of the people who start up e-commerce site already have the products or services that they want to offer, their only problem is usually where to set up shop. In the real world, setting up a shop can mean constructing or paying for rent before you can begin to sell. Remember that you will also need to make sure that you are licensed. When someone talks about setting up shop online, however, it is quite different. Instead of rent or other expenses, you can incur in the real world, setting up shop online is as easy as signing up for a Shopify account. With that alone, you should be able to begin selling. Also, the cost of a platform like the mentioned Shopify is low depending on the package you choose but cannot be compared to the rent you will pay in a real store.

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It is easier to sell and market online

With e-commerce comes digital marketing, which means marketing through computers and smartphones. In the past, however, one had to mount a tiresome roadshow campaign before they could get the attention of the buyers. The cost of that is high, not forgetting that it is a lot of work that requires a lot of time before the benefits can be seen. When marketing on Facebook, for example, all you need to do is post your ad on the business page then share to relevant groups, and people then wait for a response. If you are selling through a website, you will have other useful marketing tools for SEO and social media, which will make your marketing process easy. Customers who are also interested in buying can do so at their comfort.

Better pricing leads to better business

As the producer, you usually understand how low you can go before you find a deal to be of no benefit to you. If you are trusting someone else to sell on your behalf, they will most certainly sell with their price so that they can be able to get a little profit. What this does is that it scares away the customers you intended to buy your products. As a way of gaining more customers, many online sellers want to lure buyers using low prices. That is why there are so many discounts and flash sales taking place online.

More chances of your company prospering

If you are serious about getting into e-commerce, then you should do it now so that you begin your countdown early. It is essential to know that digital companies are today’s leading brands worldwide. That should be a good sign that the future buyers will not be interested in walking from one store to another in the name of looking for a specific product. However, they will find it easy to take out their phones, type in the search engine and find what they want. From the two scenarios, you can see that the buyer is most likely to spend smartly through ordering online.

You don’t need to have a stock

Drop shipping services has helped so many Indian entrepreneurs establish their online shops. That is because the service allows you to process orders which are then packaged and delivered by the original seller. As for you, a commission is your reward; hence, you will get paid a commission for making the transaction possible.


It does not matter if you already have a store because, through integration, e-commerce can still work correctly for you. However, before going for integration, it is better to equip yourself with the right information. Many Indian e-commerce sites have not been able to prosper because of some simple mistakes. Things like selecting the wrong e-commerce platform can spell doom for your company in future when it begins to receive reasonable traffic. Read more

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