Why Choose Automated POS System?

The competition in the world of retail is increasing with every passing day. It is hard to differentiate your offering from others. Therefore, a lot of retail businesses are trying to stand out via delivering a convenient experience to customers. One way to do so is by adopting a quality inventory management system and Point of Sales software. While the former reduces the chance of error in maintaining inventory, the…

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4 Reasons Nonprofits Shouldn’t Use Square

If you have been paying much attention to the evolution of card reading system, you probably have heard of portable card readers like Square for nonprofits. Square for nonprofits is simple a combination of an app and a card reader which allows nonprofits to accept donations from well-wishers during events. Despite Square sounding like a perfect solution, many limitations make Square, and many other card readers of similar nature stand…

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Everything You Seriously Wanted to Know About Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing can be expensive, overwhelming and at times confusing. Some people consider it to be a ‘necessary evil' for their business. However, despite all the negative impressions created, the entire credit card processing has proved to be the easiest, efficient and secured to those who have used it as intended. Here's a breakdown of how the process works and who the key players are. How credit card processing…

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