4 Reasons Nonprofits Shouldn’t Use Square

4 Reasons Nonprofits Shouldn’t Use Square

If you have been paying much attention to the evolution of card reading system, you probably have heard of portable card readers like Square for nonprofits. Square for nonprofits is simple a combination of an app and a card reader which allows nonprofits to accept donations from well-wishers during events.

Despite Square sounding like a perfect solution, many limitations make Square, and many other card readers of similar nature stand out to be a ‘not’ so good option. Here are some of the main reasons Square is not considered as the best:

Square does not allow modification and personalization.

Simply put, square for nonprofits cannot be branded. Branding is essential, primarily when you are working towards winning trust from specific people. Unfortunately, this is not possible with Square since it comes in only one color: white. This, according to many users, has made it impossible to customize it or make it unique to match their specific objective.

Usage of Square is not easy.

There are too many steps involved when using Square. Donors are required to insert the specific amount of money they want to donate before being allowed to swipe their card and sign to confirm their gift. This is by far too much especially for people who wish to give without necessarily providing many details of themselves or having to deal with a lot of paperwork.

Square does not provide that satisfactory experience to donors.

With this particular option, donors are generally required to swipe their cards and complete all the needed steps just like they would do with the ordinary credit cards. This is simple terms fails to define a clear distinction between giving and buying and this leaves donors with no satisfactory experience. Needless to say, if donors fail to have that unique experience, their act of giving becomes more or less the same as any standard purchase, making it feel like a routine rather than a joy.

You’ve got to charge your Square card reader and smartphone beforehand.

To begin with, spend some time charging the card reader before using it. In addition, you must attach it to a tablet or tablet which too must be charged before use. As such, the ability to successfully accept and record donations relies on the battery life of two separate devices. If by bad luck one of the devices loses power and shuts down, then the entire exercise will be negatively affected or even worse fail.


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